Dream Wedding Cake by Carrie. 

Video: www.davidperryfilms.com

  • Ale, as soon as I saw the cake, I just about cried! It was exactly what I imagined! I loved it so much! And I was constantly getting amazing comments on it as well! Thank you, thank you soo much! It really was perfect! Thank you again in helping make our day perfect. - Brielle 2019

  • Ale, the cake was AMAZING! Thank you so much! It was so delicious! Everything was fantastic. We look forward to working with you again soon! - Antonio 2019

  • Best cake I’ve EVER had. Thanks Ale - Tammy 2019

  • Ale, thank you so much! Cake was beautiful and tasted amazing! We had so many compliments on our wedding cake- Charnea 2019

  • Super polite and accommodating, and the cakes were delicious. - Google review from Asrimo67 2019

  • They did the cake for my sisters wedding and it was beyond amazing not to mention beautiful! It was hand painted by truly and artist- Google review by Gianina 2018

  • Thank you very much for baking our wedding cake. I loved how the cake turned out-exactly as I imagined. You were so great to work with and we received many compliments on the cake.  My grandparents' cake topper made it extra special. Thanks again!    -Lely Manley & Dane Smith

  • Thank you for the delicious, delicate, fun, and beautiful cakes.  -Anne & Chelsie 2015

  • Thank you so much for designing my beautiful wedding cake! It was delicious and so lovely. I will certainly spread the word to friends. You are truly an artist! Best, Devin Petersen

  • Carrie, I just wanted to say thank you for doing my Groom's and wedding cake. The "Elizabeth" was my favorite detail of my entire wedding! It was beautiful and tasted equally as good. And my husband, Brian, loved his SFGiants cake. Thank you for your talents and kindness. I hope to work with you on another event in the future. Brooke Clawson Moss 1/12/15

  • Carrie, We loved our wedding cake!! Thank you so much. We had so many people tell us that they loved the way the cake tasted and the way it looked! We think it turned out beautifully in our pictures, too. We are so glad we got to work with you. Thanks, again! Elise and Justin Molinaro November 2014

  • I just wanted to know do you do out of town orders? I'm in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have fallen in love with your cakes!! They are done with such love for the profession!! They are very beautiful in design. Thank you, Kim March 5, 2015

  • Carrie,

    Jon Sobel's cake was AMAZING !!!!!!!!!! Everyone at the party was completely blown away by the unbelievable cake you created for Jon's birthday! We can't stress enough how much we loved it!  You did a fantastic job and we are beyond grateful to you! Thank you so, SO much! We will certainly recommend you to all our other friends and anyone looking for a truly talented pastry chef. We wish you lived closer to our home in NJ because we would hire you for all our functions! Again, thanks for making Jon's birthday so special! You are a true artist!       Warmest regards, Liz Sobel

  • Hi Carrie!  You probably don't remember me, but you made our wedding cake in December. Our photographer, Mikki Platt, took the most amazing pictures of the cake and I thought you'd like to see them. It was the most beautiful cake and I never got a chance to thank you. It was hard to cut such a beautiful cake! Thank you! -Shannon Alder, May 14, 2015

  • Carrie, The cake was the best tasting thing at the wedding. 2nd best- the corn bread you made for our B-B-Q dinner!! Seriously, It was ALL EATEN !!! Lunch is on me! :)  Thank you!  -Marlene Johnson July 26, 2014

  • Carrie, Thank you for the beautiful cake you made for Alex & Clayton's wedding. The sheet cakes were all eaten and there were so many compliments on how delicious they were. The cake was by far the most favorite thing for me. Their wedding cake was exactly what they had pictured. You are so talented and we are glad you shared it with us. Thank you -Lisa Shearer

  • Thank you for our BEAUTIFUL Cinderella Cake!! It was incredible!! It was exactly what I always wanted my cake to be like.  Stacey Hansen (Van Roosendoal Aug 2, 2013)   -Stacey Hansen (Van Roosendoal)

  • Dear Carrie, Just a note of Thanks for all your efforts which culminated in the Kelson-Kern Wedding at Log Haven this past Saturday. We were ecstatic with the presentation of our cakes-they were spell-binding, and then so gratified that they tasted absolutely delectable. Rave reviews all around from our guests-some admitting to having a second piece to try a different flavor! The Chocolate Groom's Cake was consumed immediately, with the Raspberry & Lemon close behind (Lemon being my personal favorite!)

    I'll be ordering for birthdays and any other "excuses" I can think of knowing now the qulity of your cakes.

    ps May I add that brainstorming with you was a delightful experience and the outcome so rewarding.   Thank you again, Miss Carrie. Best & Sincere Regards, Connie K. (wedding Aug 17, 2013)

  • Dear Carrie, Jaime and I would love to thank you for the BEAUTIFUL cake you delivered. She was so thrilled with how it turned out, and it was incrediably yummy. Thank you so much! You are so gifted in our services and talent! Again, Thank You. Shauna Nelson

  • Carrie's Cakes. We want to thank you for our perfect wedding cake! It was exactly what we wanted and tasted delicious!! Thank you again! -Tovi and Ryan Price From Detroit Michigan

    Carrie, thank you for providing beautiful cakes for 3 of our children's wedding now. We believe that we couldn't have found anyone better. Our first cake from you came in 2000. Our second in 2007 and now in 2012. You just keep doing wonderful things. Our appreciation is great! Sincerely, Julie MacKay

  • Hi, Carrie:
    Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for the two beautiful and artistic cakes you made for our rehearsal dinner and wedding!  Everyone loved the Chicago Style hot dog and were truly amazed – what a great birthday gift for Dave.  They loved the carrot cake, but loved the lemon even more!  We also loved the wedding cake which was so classic and captured the aspen theme I really wanted.  Loved the sour cream/cream cheese and have eaten the rest for breakfast the past few days!
    Thanks for making this part of our weekend so perfect. We were so happy about both cakes.

    Thanks again, Camille Soriano

  • Carrie, I am very pleased to say that I have completed my first fondant cake using your recipe! I am taking the Wilton cake class at a local Michael’s store and this was my final cake for course 3. Being my first time ever decorating cakes, I get very hesitant every time I bake one. Luckily, everything worked out great and your DVD was amazing! I watched it about 5 times before I attempted the cake, but I survived! Inside was orange cake with butter cream icing (crème bouquet flavoring!) I brought the cake into work and the whole thing was devoured in 15 min. flat, with lots of compliments on the taste!Thanks for the great teaching video.  - Carrie Clemons (Peoria, IL)

  • Hello Carrie, First of all let me tell how I LOVE your work and that I am a BIG Fan of yours :o)!! I am so SORRY that I am so far away from your city, otherwise I would have take FOR SURE one of your classes!! But I will do it one day!! Anyway , I am so HAPPY that you are doing DVDs to share your work. THANKS in advance for your reply. Best regards, Fátima (Vienna, Austria)

  • Okay, so I am matron of honor for TWO weddings this year....I have been online obsessing about cakes etc.... for weeks....I have to say....your cakes and website and photography WIN hands down of ANY other cake company I have seen. INCREDIBLE! Admiring Fan and total amateur, Maria

  • I loved being in your class in Wash D.C. Whimseys are so fun!!!! Thanks for all the extra tips too. I definitely want to take more of your classes!! Mia

  • My name is Christine. I was looking around the internet for cakes that match the style I want. I am having a destination wedding and the resort needs me to send them pictures of styles I like. I came across your website. Though I will not be able to order any of your cakes because I will be in the Bahamas, I just wanted to say that you are a true artist. Your work is exquisite. You have truly mastered this craft. I was stunned by the beauty and artistry in your pictures. I thought you might appreciate the kind words. :) Christine

  • Carrie, I know you probably won't remember me, we met in Virginia-I won the wedding cake part and am looking forward to taking a class from you. I just wanted to get a note off to you that I got to watch the tlc show and loved your cake. I thought it was amazing and I totally got what you were going for....I LOVED the lights on there!!I thought it was very creative and executed -you guys were just awesome there! anyway, I wanted to drop you a note off to let you know that I LOVED your cake and I hope to learn some of your cake talent!!!! You are awesome! Janet Rosebeary

  • We just saw you on YouTube on your pink scooter delivering a wedding cake! It's a scream!!!!! How funny, and to see it was a real cake-incredible!!! We want to see more............... Tracy and Joyce

  • I love seeing your new Couture Cut Work Designs. How do you achieve that?! You really are a trend setter. Keep up the great work!!!  -Shaunna in Seattle

  • I was in your demo on "Topsy Turvy" cakes at Cake Convention in San Diego. Your new method is so amazingly simple!! Thanks so much for making my life so much easier!!! I'm buying your DVD right now! Great teacher! -Suzanne S.

  •  Thank you thank you thank you! Your amazing cake was the brilliant final touch for our reception. When it was delivered yesterday it just dropped me in my tracks it was so gorgeous. We had it off to the side in the main hall and it could not have been more beautiful. When they served it they had a hard time keeping up with the demand of people wanting a piece, even though we had already served dinner and desserts. It was fun to see their reactions of eyes rolling back in their heads with the delight of tasting your amazing creation. Your suggestions, talent, and so easy to work with professionalism, made the whole experience 5 stars. There is only one place to go if you want the best wedding cake in Salt Lake, and that is Carries Cakes! Thanks again, Todd S.

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